William Gray Parsons

William_Gray_ParsonsWilliam Parsons, 58, died February 1, 2009 after collapsing while operating fire apparatus during an emergency.

Firefighters responded to the report of a structure fire in a residence. Upon their arrival, firefighters discovered a fire in a laundry room. The fire was knocked down when there was a report of an ill firefighter at the scene. Engineer Parsons responded as the driver of a tanker (tender). He began to feel ill during the response and complained to another firefighter about chest pains upon his arrival. Firefighters and paramedics provided treatment at the scene and Engineer Parsons was transported to a local hospital. He was flown to a regional care facility but died on February 1, 2009. The cause of death was listed as a heart attack. Incident Location: Amelia Drive (USNG: 17S MA 7952 0019). Info Link – Photo Link

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Tony Barker

Tony_BarkerDied after being electrocuted, at the scene of a fire in a small structure ignited by part of a tree across a power line. He was less than three feet from the structure when he collapsed, the electricity likely conducted through the building and the unpaved ground, which was saturated with rainwater

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Howard W Van Hoy

Howard W. VanHoy, 67, a 40-year member and assistant chief for 35 years with the Austin   Volunteer Fire Department, died on September 5, 2000, of a heart attack at the scene of a   live burn training exercise. VanHoy received special recoginition for being one of the best   pump operators in the state.

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