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Acts of Vandalism at NC Fallen Firefighters Memorial and Raleigh Police Memorial

RALEIGH — Many are outraged over two separate acts of vandalism on two memorials in Raleigh that honor police and fire fighters who lost their lives serving their community.

It is against the law to vandalize a monument in a public place, but damage has been discovered on the North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Memorial and Raleigh Police Memorial, which both cost $500,000 dollars to build.

“You will see green spotting where corrosive material was thrown on the statue here,” said Bill Carter, North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Foundation finance director.

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Board Members discovered some type of corrosive liquid on the memorial when they recently visited the memorial.  The memorial was cleaned immediately to reduce further damage.   We don’t believe the damage is severe but there is some discoloration where the liquid was thrown. We are working on getting someone to the memorial to pressure wash it in an effort to reach all of the crevices where we could not reach with the cloths. We applaud those who waxed the monument this year. The coat of wad did more to protect the memorial than anything else we could do. Below are some pictures.

photo 1

photo 2

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