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Heroism & Sacrifice

Dedicated May 6, 2006 Located in the center of historic Nash Square, Raleigh NC, the total Memorial is 50 feet diameter. The central sculpture “Heroism & Sacrifice” is comprised of four life-size bronze firefighters in a realistic action collapsed building fatal fire scene, uniquely the first time such has been created in a large prestigious memorial. One firefighter is dying, having been crushed by a fallen I-beam; a comrade is holding the fallen firefighter’s head and calling for help.... read more

RALEIGH — Many are outraged over two separate acts of vandalism on two memorials in Raleigh that honor police and fire fighters who lost their lives serving their community.

It is against the law to vandalize a monument in a public place, but damage has been discovered on the North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Memorial and Raleigh Police Memorial, which both cost $500,000 dollars to build.

“You will see green spotting where corrosive material was thrown on the statue here,” said Bill Carter, North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Foundation finance director.

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Board Members discovered some type of corrosive liquid on the memorial when they recently visited the memorial.  The memorial was cleaned immediately to reduce further damage.   We don’t believe the damage is severe but there is some discoloration where the liquid was thrown. We are working on getting someone to the memorial to pressure wash it in an effort to reach all of the crevices where we could not reach with the cloths. We applaud those who waxed the monument this year. The coat of wad did more to protect the memorial than anything else we could do. Below are some pictures.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


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Corn-Hole Tournament

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Benefiting the NC Fallen Firefighters Foundation

This year the NCFFF invites you to bring Corn-Hole Boards with your department Logo to the NCFFF Corn-Hole tournament on Thursday July 24th at the South Atlantic FIRE RESCUE Expo in Raleigh, NC.  If you would like to bring Official size Corn-Hole boards please contact Doug Bissette at 252-944-3000 or
Thank you and Stay Safe,
Lieutenant Doug Bissette
Washington N.C. Fire-Rescue-EMS
252-944-3000- Cell
NCFFF Eastern Regional Director
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10k Reached

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
In the last 30 days, we have received over $10,000 in donations from the Cold Water Challenge just via PayPal on our webpage. You can still donate, please visit our webpage, and click on PayPal in the right column (look for the arrows). We are beyond amazed at the support you continue to give us. This does not include any donations via check mailed or delivered in person.  Over 230 contributions were made, imagine what impact we could all make as individuals if we all gave $10-$25.

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Cold Water Challenge

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Wow! What can we say? Thank you, thank you, thank you! Since May 22, we have received around $5,000 in donations from the Cold Water Challenge just via PayPal on our webpage so far. If you want to donate, you can via PayPal on our main page or mail. We are beyond amazed at the support you continue to give us.

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First Out Phantom 5k Run

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When:  September 27, 2014

Race Starts at 9:00 AM

Where: Youngsville Fire Department Station 1
(803 Wheaton Ave.)

Check us out and pre-register at

Like us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter

Race Day Events

5k Memorial Walk/Run
Fire House Tours
Smoke House for the Kids
Sparky the Dog
Pelican Snow
Food & Games

Thank you to our Sponsors!
A. David Tyre & Associates
Electric Motor Shop
Edward Jones – Jim Staples Financial Advisor
Mini-City Auto Body, Inc.
Southeastern Emergency Equipment
Youngsville Baptist Church
Becky Gardner, Broker/Realtor Fonville Morisey Realty
East Coast Electrical
Main Street Flooring
McGhee Landscaping LLC
Team Xtreme Tire and Auto

Put on your walking/running shoes, get your family and friends, and join us for a fun day of honoring our fallen hero Assistant Chief Jeff Fields! Money raised by this event will go towards the Jeffrey L. Fields Memorial Fire Scholarship Fund and the North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Push On! Push On!

Download PDF File

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2014 Videos

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Firefighters from around the state gathered Thursday to prepare Nash Square park and the North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Raleigh for the 9th Annual North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service. The service recognizes firefighters who died in the line of duty. Eleven firefighters will be recognized in events this weekend.

On Saturday, a parade incorporating firefighting apparatus from around the state starts at 10 a.m. at St. Mary’s and Hillsborough Streets. The parade ends at the Nash Square memorial where a memorial service will by held at 1 p.m.

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GlendaleUpdated: 2-7-2014 – 9:42pm

A volunteer firefighter from Ashe County died after taking part in a department training exercise.  Donnie Miller died within 24-hours of a”department sanctioned training session.”  We will posts updated info as it becomes available.

By Dustin Dixon via Facebook
Our FD lost a legend. Growing up I always wanted to be a fireman. And I still remember that red bicycle with a jump rope tied around the bar I used as my pretend fire hose. I had a hand held scanner on the handle bars and a red flashing light on the front. The whistle would sound and I would watch my uncle Charles run out to the truck and come flying down the road headed off to some fire somewhere.  I remember one time I heard the whistle trip and I realized the house across the street had a chimney fire. A fireman pulled up in the truck and got out grabbed a ladder and with no fear went straight up on the roof. He fought hard and he seemed so brave. He wouldn’t stop he just kept going. By the time he came down the ladder he was covered in soot and solid black. Of course this was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I saw him years later directing traffic for an accident involving power-lines. I walked up and asked him questions about how to join the FD. He surprisingly encouraged me to come to the next meeting and said they needed some young bloods they were getting to old for this mess. I asked him why he had a rock in his hand and he said it was for the back glass of the first car that passed through his traffic stop. You gotta love Donnie he was a straight shooter and didn’t take no BS. He was your toughest critic. And a hard man to live up too cause his shadow was so big. All of us knew back in his day he was a force to be reckoned with and one heck of a firefighter. He was one of the original smoke eaters back before they had SCBA. Tuff as a pine knot. I learned alot about fire from Donnie and I still use his advice to this day! We’re gonna miss you Bro. Im sorry but i’ll laugh more than I will cry cause I always thought you were hilarious. And i’ll forever tell the stories about what all I saw you do or say. You were definitely a legend in your own time. Rest easy Brother, until we meet again. Read More→

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Thomas_Gerald_LeeWe have been notified of the death of Retired Chief, Thomas Gerald Lee of Four Oaks and Blackman’s Crossroad Fire Departments.

Mr. Lee was a Fireman for 35 years, he served as Chief for 6 years at the Four Oaks Fire Department and as Asst. Chief at Blackmans Crossroads Fire Department.

Arrangements are as follows:
Visitation will be from 5-9 on Wednesday night at Beulah Hill Christian Church with the funeral following on Thursday at 11:00 Beulah Hill Christian Church, 1701 Keen Road, Four Oaks, NC 27524.

There will be a processional from the church to downtown Four Oaks and then back to the church cemetary were he will be buried.

We will post more information when it becomes available.

West and Dunn Funeral Home Info

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